Damon System

More than straight teeth

The Damon system is an advanced, optimized straight wire appliance. It helps professionals to utilize efficient treatment mechanics that use less force, achieving outstanding results in a simpler way.

The Damon difference

  • Damon System brackets use a passive slide mechanism to maintain archwires within the bracket while allowing them to move freely.
  • Traditional brackets use elastic ties or metal clips that bind the archwires, holding them tight. Such ties may act like the handbrake in a car, causing friction and pressure, which may slow down the treatment and make it more uncomfortable.

Expanding possibilities without palatal expansion or surgery

  • The Damon System helps both orthodontist and patient by reducing the need for auxiliary appliances or invasive procedures.

Damon system and hygiene

  • We all know that oral hygiene in a mouth full of brackets can be complicated, but the Damon System makes it easier.
  • Traditional brackets use elastic ties to hold the archwires. These accumulate plaque, which may give rise to periodontal problems. In fact, recent clinical studies have shown that elastic ties accumulate more plaque and cause significant gum bleeding.

Advantages of the Damon System

Discover the advantages of the Damon system

Outstanding smile and facial results.

Treatment may be as much as 6 months shorter, with fewer appointments. "Clinical study reference: Eberting JJ, Straja SR, Tuncay OC. Clinical Orthodontics and Research 2001; 4(4):228-234."

In most cases, no extraoral devices or extractions are needed.

Easy to keep clean.

What makes the Damon system different?

The Damon system has proved to be a great combination of passive self-ligating brackets with force-calibrated archwires and minimally invasive treatment protocols in a combination that creates a low-friction system. The following are the main technical characteristics:

Brackets without ties

They do not need to be tightened and they treat teeth and tissues gently.

Four solid walls with a new ultra-precision slot

For dual rotation control, providing a meticulous finish and faster treatment.

High technology archwires

With form memory, to move teeth fast with fewer adjustments.

Clinically-proven treatment approach

Aligns teeth and improves facial aesthetics – generally without extractions or palatal expanders.

No active ties

The Damon System brackets use a passive slide mechanism to maintain the archwires within the bracket, while allowing them to move freely.

Laser-engraved base

Patented for optimal resistance and reliability.

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