The ultimate aesthetic offering for your patients

Damon Clear 2 combines the  properties of low friction passive self-ligating technology with the aesthetics that image-conscious patients demand. The result is a crystal-clear appliance that goes beyond all aesthetic and functional expectations.
Damon Clear 2 – a real innovation in transparency.

Result and aesthetics

  • Completely aesthetic passive self-ligation brackets, with unparalleled design.
  • Polycrystalline alumina (PCA) material is resistant to staining from coffee, mustard, red wine and other agents.
  • Eliminates the need for elastomerics, which stain and collect bacteria during treatment.
  • Advanced passive self-ligation technology with low ligation force, minimizing frictional resistance for more efficient tooth movement.

Enhanced strength

  • Sturdy construction with fortified slide, window channel and tie-wings for exceptional strength and durability.
  • Four solid walls enable effective torque expression and rotation control for meticulous finishing.


  • Smooth, rounded contours for outstanding patient comfort.
  • Customized base design with patented laser-etched pad for optimal bond strength and maximum reliability.
  • Optional brackets with discrete contoured hooks for elastics and other auxiliaries.
  • Fast, comfortable debonding experience for patients when using the Damon Clear Debonding Instrument. No flash removal using a burr or scaler required.

Precision bracket placement

  • Removable positioning gauge with scaler notch, and rhomboid-shaped brackets and pads for smile arc enhancement.
  • Color-coded positioning gauges on brackets (3-3) denote torque values.


  • Damon Clear 2 is the culmination of a comprehensive development effort involving several multi-site in vivo studies, third-party university research and extensive design tests.
  • From the point of view of torque and rotation control, as well as bond reliability and patient comfort, Damon Clear 2offers advantages over other aesthetic appliances, whether self-ligating or twin systems.

Wire protocol

  • Damon Clear is designed for use with Ormco’s force-calibrated archwires for fast, efficient tooth movement. For optimal performance and reliability, proper Damon mechanics and archwire sequencing must be employed.

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