Memotain_NiTi CAD/CAM Retainer

By using state-of-the-art technology in both design and manufacturing, Memotain® delivers lingual retainers that are tailored precisely to meet the individual requirements of every patient.



“When looking at lingual retainers today, I thought there was an urgent need for improvement. That’s why I wanted to create a custom fit, precision retainer with maximum comfort.”


Computer-aided Design

  • Utilizing CAD software in designing the ideal retainers to precisely fit the unique anatomy and alignment of every patient.
  • CAD software allows exact placement of upper retainer to ensure there are no interferences with the lower dentition.

Computer-aided Manufacturing

  • Memotain® retainers are created with computer-aided manufacturing, based on the custom design for every individual patient.
  • Retainers are made out of 016 x 016 NiTi alloy, benefiting in its shape memory properties.


  • Retainers are put through an electropolishing process, smoothing and rounding the edges of the retainer ensuring a comfortable fit.

Indirect bonding

  • Retainer comes with a positioning jig to ensure easy and precise placement.


  • Ensures a precise fit, due to computer-aided Design and Manufacturing
  • Ultra thin and Superb comfort
  • Better Oral Hygiene Access
  • Smooth and microbe-resistant retainer

More Advantages

  • Indirect bonding for accurate positioning
  • Nickel Titanium: Shape memory and pseudoelastic alloy providing a passive fit
  • Suitable for upper jaw, designed for ideal occlusal clearance
  • 24-month material breakage warranty

Commonly asked questions

When is treatment with Memotain retainers advisable?

- Treatment with a Memotain® retainer is recommended in the following cases:
- After orthodontic treatment to ensure long-term success of the treatment and prevent relapse
- To prevent tertiary crowding
- For stabilizing teeth during periodontal therapy
- For post-traumatic stabilization of teeth

How long does it take for the delivery of a Memotain Retainer?

- Once your submission is received, it takes 10 working days to design, manufacture and ship the case to you.

What is included in a Memotain order?

- Model with the Memotain retainer
- Indirect bonding jig
- 24 month material breakage warranty*

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