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With each new case you will receive a personalized appliance allowing you to improve treatment efficiency. Treatment can be more comfortable and results will be precise and predictable, often in less time than expected. Insignia can make difficult cases more manageable, and can make simpler cases exceptional.

The Insignia treatment combines 3-D technology, advanced computer algorithms and interactive design software with personalized brackets to give perfect occlusion and a beautiful smile that is unique to each patient.

Once the orthodontist has designed your new smile, INSIGNIA manufactures the brackets and archwires especially for your teeth so that they will result in optimal occlusion and a lasting smile, in less time. Other types of brackets are mass manufactured, so the dentist has to resolve variations in facial symmetry. Standard brackets may require longer treatments and more frequent visits to the clinic to check progress. INSIGNIA brackets are tailor-made for each individual patient, using a 3-D treatment plan drawn up by your orthodontist especially for you.

Digital planning and 3-D viewing allow your orthodontist to add a level of personalization and detail that result in optimal long-term occlusion and the best of smiles, all in less time!

Culmination of decades of research and innovation

Insignia uses a high-resolution scan of a PVS impression to create a very precise 3D virtual model of the patient’s dental anatomy. The Insignia software uses more than 40,000 data points per tooth, as well as unique algorithms to define, coordinate, and design the patient’s arches into the best possible occlusion.

With Insignia, you have complete control of each case. The Insignia Approver software enables you to view each tooth in great detail. Multiple views and rotations allow you to perfect each case and make cosmetic adjustments to create a truly unique smile.

Tailor-made appliances

Insignia can be combined with different appliances in line with your specific treatment preferences, each manufactured to the exact specifications you design and approve. Each new Insignia case comes with the brackets, tubes and archwires as well as placement guides to help you position the brackets perfectly in each bonding appointment.

Advantages of the Insignia System

Discover the advantages of the Insignia System

100% personalized treatment

Efficient treatment time

Fewer visits to the clinic "JCO 2013 VOLUME XLVII NUMBER 4"

Shorter appointments

View your new smile before you start the treatment

A healthy and beautiful smile for life

Why is Insignia so popular?

With each new case you will receive a personalized appliance enabling you to improve treatment efficiency. What do you get in return? Comfortable treatment with precise, predictable results, often in less time than expected. Insignia can make difficult cases more manageable and simpler cases exceptional.

Proprietary software

Easy to use for drawing up the treatment plan and viewing the end result.

Tailor-made brackets

Fewer adjustments are needed during treatment, and finishes are very precise and predictable.

Simplified procedures

Procedures that need more time (such as bracket bonding) can be performed by auxiliaries while you focus on diagnosis and the treatment plan.

Quick and easy

No need to invest in start-up costs, licences or inventories.

An excellent tool for consultation

Before the start of treatment, you can see the smile design. An excellent tool for consultation.

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